Logistics Company Testimonials

logistics company testimonials

Working with Olympic, has saved our position in the eyes of our customers the few times uss express reviews there was a problem. The team was early on both days and worked efficiently.

  • If you’re ready to place an order or simply want to get a quote, fill out our online Freight Quote submission form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Once delivered I receive a POD without asking for it.
  • My water damage restoration company received a call from a customer who had a broken pipe in her home.
  • They have never balked at going the extra mile to ensure that we provide a top tier customer experience.

Chad was very helpful in getting the booth properly spaced and organized, ensuring we had the carpeting and proper padding, etc. He ensured we had the things that I didn’t know to ask for. When he had free time, he was picking up trash and helping us unwrap and wrap our pallets, things above and beyond the job he was hired for. We recently retained your services for the Tampa Boat Show the weekend of October 25th-27. The team was amazing and made the whole process of booth setup and breakdown very easy. The company is all about saving a buck and dont care about the hourly employees. The inly thing good about this company is the pay….

Most Enjoyed Aspects Of My Job

When a 3PL didn’t babysit the load and a service failure occurred, we’d have to scramble, sometimes losing up to two days while we searched for another carrier. We stumbled and bumbled along like this for a while, until I was able to call Matchmaker Logistics to come to our rescue. Mitchell’sNY Logistics is a quality vendor who offered me great professional service in my time of need. The entire team was very responsive, attentive to my needs, and on top of everything. I would definitely use them again and again for any of my cold storage needs. The delivery was faster than I expected and the entire team was so helpful.

Management is very tentative to my needs and the workplace culture is very diverse. The most enjoyable part about my job is coming in everyday and interacting with my co-workers.

logistics company testimonials

We are able to pick up the phone and Global Net Logistics team is there to fulfill our complicated requirements. Customer service is a priority with the Global Net Logistics team. We feel we have logistics partner and not a run of the mill transportation supplier. I ONLY use Global Net Logistics for my shipping https://www.usabusinessradio.com/how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-in-the-usa-the-review-of-the-most-popular-ways-by-uss-express-delivery-llc/ needs. My clients have all come to expect the excellent shipping and handling of their merchandise that Global has to offer. Their expediting team makes it possible to get jobs out last minute if necessary and let us know when it has delivered. Working closely with our customers comes as second nature.

The Logistics Company Reviews By Job Title

Thank you again to you and your staff for the great job they do everyday. Please share this with them and let them know how much SNK appreciates them. I’ve never had a vendor have such high employee retention. This makes life as the customer much easier than people realize. Remarkable work today, thanks for making changes in the fly, getting trucks to AAPEX, CAMX, and CSG all on time and with weight tickets. Thanks so much Laurie, and thank you for your excellent assistance in getting this resolved today. You did an amazing job for us and I sincerely appreciate it.

logistics company testimonials

When I sent the request earlier this week and received an out of office response from our Logistics Expert, https://addicongroup.com/ I admit I muttered “crap” under my breath. He had left another Logistics Specialist as a contact.

Stc Logistics

Loads are 99% on time and the rates are very competitive. I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come. Fast forward to the 1990’s, and I had left the world of retail for a company that produced copper tubing.

Jobs At The Logistics Company

Short notice, no problem, one call is all it takes. Quick answers WITH options and we can move our product to the customer.

She needed a crawl space drying service and specific water restoration equipment was needed to complete the job. I ordered the equipment from a water damage supplier, but soon ran into a problem. The equipment wouldn’t arrive for several weeks and the customer needed help now.

This means you can receive the most accurate quote. Polaris people work hard to make sure my freight gets delivered on time and with a great rate.

Corporate Transportation

Definitely recommend if you are looking for assistance in the New York area. Mitchell’sNY Logistics has been the backbone to the Wellfare movement from day one. From storage to sorting to delivery, they have supported us every step of the way, helping us become the largest donated food initiative in the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. Again I would like to say it is a pleasure to work with Olympics. Your professionalism and service make our shipping painless.

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